Floorwork Solutions warrants that products applied under the Epoxy2U range will not contain a manufacturing defect or be improperly applied in a way that adversely affects performance leading to separation for 10 years following the completion of installation on a properly prepared substrate.

Floorwork Solutions guarantees that the products were utilized in compliance with the published application instructions and installed within the designated shelf life specified on the product label or container.

  • You guarantee that the substrate surface will be clear of any obstacles and prepared to undergo the application of the system coating. If it is necessary to clear or treat the surface, additional charges may be incurred at a reasonable rate determined by us.
  • No provision has been included for the removal and/or reinstatement of any items, such as stock, equipment, machinery, furniture, doors, etc., unless explicitly outlined in the quotation. It is your responsibility to clear all furniture and similar items before our arrival.
  • You are solely responsible for all choices and decisions related to the extent of preparation, colour, system, slip resistance, or any other aspect mentioned in your quotation. This responsibility persists regardless of any input, recommendations, or samples provided by us.
  • Regarding all non-slip flooring, the non-slip level applied by Floorwork Solutions will be considered suitable and accepted unless written correspondence stating otherwise is received by Floorwork Solutions’ office within 7 days of the non-slip floor application.
  • Substrate cracks that surpass the necessary repair for epoxy coatings application are not accounted for unless expressly mentioned in our quotation. The treatment or repair of such cracks will be considered a variation and subject to additional charges.
  • This warranty excludes damage resulting from substrate cracks either before or after the installation of the floor coating system, stemming from ground shifts and substrate expansion/contraction. Cracking due to substrate movement is not covered by the warranty, irrespective of whether it was repaired during the initial installation. No warranty is provided for cracks or crack repair. Repaired areas covered by this warranty may exhibit variations in color and texture compared to the originally installed, unrepaired areas. This limited warranty does not apply in cases of improper substrate construction or exposure of the products to solvents and/or higher concentrations of acids, other than moisture from within, under, or adjacent to the concrete surface.
  • In the event of any necessary repairs, this warranty is restricted to the replacement of the failed system materials and explicitly does not cover, among other things, bodily injury, loss of property use, consequential damages, and property damage resulting from such failure.
  • Although slip-resistant coating systems administered by Floorwork Solutions contribute significantly to preventing slip and fall incidents, they do not guarantee complete prevention. The surface may still become slippery under specific conditions, such as exposure to wet, oily, or greasy substances. Floorwork Solutions shall not be held accountable for injuries resulting from slip and fall incidents. Ensuring personal safety and the safety of guests and invitees is the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • Exposure of the products to harmful or corrosive substances, such as battery acid, solvents, or aggressive floor cleaning products, may cause damage.
  • This warranty is contingent on the coatings being cleaned at least once every six months (more frequently in harsh conditions) using warm soapy water and a soft brush. The warranty will be void if hard brushes, abrasive scrubbers, any corrosive cleaning agents, harsh chemicals, or anything other than what is specified by Floorwork Solution is used.
  • Neglecting to uphold the coating maintenance may elevate the risk of scratching, fading, accumulating dirt, and premature deterioration. Chalking and fading are not covered by the warranty due to variations in the building’s location, colour selection, and substrate.