Concrete Grinding & Sealing Sunshine Coast

What is Grind & Seal?

Grind & seal is a system where a concrete surface is ground to expose the aggregate underneath. A concrete sealer is then applied to the surface to protect it from moisture, stains, and other forms of damage.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Flooring Benefits

Grind & seal of concrete reveals the natural beauty of the concrete, creating a visually appealing look – we can customise the stone exposure level to achieve your desired result.

Grind & Seal of concrete provides durability, as it removes imperfections and adds a protective layer, making the floor resistant to stains and wear.

Concrete that has had grind & seal treatment is easy to clean and allows low, easy maintenance, offering an affordable flooring solution.

The grind and seal process for concrete floors enhances the look, durability, and maintenance of a concrete floor, providing a practical and attractive flooring solution.

How long does the grind & seal of the concrete floor take?

At Floorwork Solutions, we offer a Grind & Seal service for concrete floorsWe grind the top layer to reveal the desired amount of stone exposure according to your preference.

After grinding, we use finer diamonds to remove any scratches. Optionally, we can grout the cracks and holes for a smoother surface, at an additional cost.

Finally, we apply a protective sealer with a matte or gloss finish, based on your preference. The entire process usually takes around 24 hours before it is ready for use, or 48 hours for heavy use such as parking of vehicles.

Which areas are suitable for exposed aggregate concrete?

Grind & seal systems are often used in residential and commercial spaces because they provide a high-end look without the high cost.

  • Residential Garages: Enhancing appearance, resisting stains, and withstanding heavy vehicles.
  • Showrooms: Creating an attractive display area for automotive or retail settings.
  • Retail Stores: Providing durability and customisable designs for high foot traffic areas.


Recent Transformations

Concrete Floor Before Grinding Sunshine CoastConcrete Floor After Grinding Sunshine Coast

Grind & seal of self-contained unit.

Concrete Floor Before Grinding Shed Sunshine CoastShed Concrete Floor After Grinding & Sealing Sunshine Coast

Shed - before and after concrete grind & seal.

Shed Laundry Before Floor Grinding Sunshine CoastShed Laundry After Floor Grinding Sunshine Coast

Laundry in shed, before & after concrete grinding.